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 Traditional Christmas red borscht with mushroom filled dumplings 
 Keywords: borscht, wigilia, ravioli, polish, dish, decoration, meal, table, nobody, delicious, beetroot, mushroom, white, red, culture, holiday, xmas, poland, christmas, traditional, soup, dinner, flame, tasty, lunch, dumplings, fire, cuisine, candles, food, beet, uszka, eve, filled, borsch
 Traditional Polish Christmas mushroom and sauerkraut dumplings 
 Keywords: baked, cabbage, christmas, cooked, cuisine, delicious, dinner, dish, dough, dumpling, eve, filling, food, fried, gourmet, healthy, holiday, homemade, lunch, meal, meat, mushroom, onion, parsley, pastry, pierogi, plate, polish, potato, ravioli, roasted, sauerkraut, snack, stuffed, tasty, traditional, vegetarian, white
DSC 0054 
 Keywords: walnut, mushroom, pizza, food, cheese

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